US War in the Middle East: Who robbed Richmond, CA and other US communities of $5 TRILLION?

That’s how much Middle East wars have cost the US since the first Gulf War in 1990. US military spending is currently more than all the rest of the national budget. Wonder why we can’t get money for our streets, our schools, our health and our poor?


On May 29, 7 pm at the Richmond Library there will be a free screening of the internationally acclaimed documentary “1948: Creation and Catastrophe.” It traces some of the most important origins of US involvement in the Middle East, starting with how Israel was created and what this meant for its indigenous Palestinian population and the rest of the Middle East.

It is the story as seen through the eyes of those who lived it, and contains fascinating interviews with both Israelis and Palestinians, accompanied by rare historic footage from the time.

The film is both an absorbing film experience and a must-see documentary for understanding todays’ events in the Middle East and the reason US taxpayers are spending money there rather than here.

The showing is sponsored by The International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity, a network dedicated to helping defend the sovereignty of developing nations.

May 29, 7 pm, Richmond Public Library, 325 Civic Center Plaza, Richmond, CA 94804 – free and abundant parking, wheelchair accessible.