U.S. Premier of Cuban Women in Revolution Opens in San Francisco

By Resumen Latinoamericano, North American Bureau on January 13, 2019

San Francisco audience, Photo: Bill Hackwell

Last night a full house at the Eric Quesada Center for Culture and Politics, in the Mission District of San Francisco, saw the first viewing in the U.S. of the new film by the Argentinian movie producer Maria Torrellas, Cuban Women in Revolution. After the 90 minute viewing many expressed the importance of getting this film out to a broader audience to compare and contrast the oppression and discrimination that women face under the neo liberal model around the world. If this movie has one message it is the strength and confidence Cuban women have from the earliest stages of childhood to seniors who still contribute to society.

This moving documentary provides the latest evidence of the growing impact that women have in all aspects of life in Cuba and its socialist process. In moving imagery the film brings to life the heroines of the Cuban Revolution; from the clandestine operations against the U.S. puppet Batista, to the attack on the Moncada in 1953, the time with Fidel and Raul in the Sierra Maestra and the role they played after the victory of the revolution in 1959. The contemporary women protagonists of the movie proudly explain the roles of Vilma Espin, Celia Sanchez, Haydee Santemaria as makers of the revolution, the impact they had and the example they represent in their lives and that of all Cubans.

This movie originally opened in Havana at the emblematic cinema at 12th street and 23rd in June 2018 that was attended by over 600 people and recently was shown at the prestigious Havana Film Festival. It has already been shown to audiences all over Latin America, England, Spain, France, and Turkey and has now been distributed to Sweden and Australia. Many Cuba solidarity groups in Canada and the United States have expressed interest.

Cuban Women in Revolution is a Resumen Latinoamericano production in Spanish with English sub titles and can be purchased by writing to englishresumen@gmail.com