The International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity to the Peoples Stand with the Families of the MST.

The International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity, condemns  the eviction that occurred on August 14 in Minas Gerais in the settlement area of ​​ Quilombo Campo Grande of the Movement of Landless Rural Workers -MST- We consider this arbitrary measure of the local government, unacceptable, especially in the midst of the pandemic.

In the area – abandoned by a sugar cane plant closed  in 1996 – 450 families have been producing healthy food for 22 years, in 2019 they produced 8,500 bags of coffee and 1,100 hectares of 150 varieties of pesticide-free crops. Now in the midst of the pandemic, these 450 families have nowhere to go, with no work or school.

During this violent eviction, which lasted more than 60 hours, the Military Police destroyed the “Eduardo Galeano” school that was made of. It was destroyed by a backhoe, as the children who attended it were scrambling to try to save their books and toys. The MG Military Police responded by throwing gas bombs, while the community resisted without sleep. Ultimately the security forces set the place on fire, and using helicopters they dropped ashes destroying houses and crops to intimidate the farmers.

The International Committee extends its total solidarity with the families that were so brutally expelled from there, due to the arbitrary, cruel decision that is in complete contradiction to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which promotes the right to a dignified life for all human beings.

We send the MST and their families our fraternal embrace, and our commitment to stand with them in class solidarity that unites us all. Whoever destroys crops, houses and schools and leaves entire families homeless and distressed at this time is committing a crime against humanity the magnitude of which the people of Brazil and the world will not forget. We hold Bolsonaro and his perverse government responsible for the attack on the MST camp in Minas Gerais and the daily attacks they commit against all Brazilian workers. They will never be able separate themselves from this atrocity.

We are convinced that the MST will once again re build the Eduardo Galeano Camps and schools, which will educate their children to have respect for life, earth and human progress. This will happen away from the hatred they lived during the televised 60 hours of destruction and terror.

All justice loving men and women who stand together for a better world send you and the MST our affection. You are an inspiring example of struggle, construction, organization and resistance and you can count on us to stand alongside you always.

August 14, 2020.