Statement of the Cuban delegates to the Parallel Forums of the VIII Summit of the Americas

April 9, 2018

The Cuban delegates to the parallel forums of the VIII Summit of the Americas, faithful followers of Jose Marti, representing the organizations of civil society and the people of Cuba, went to this Plaza in Lima Peru to pay tribute to the Heroes and those who preceded us in the Fatherland. Peru was the first country in the Americas that the Republic of Cuba in Arms, when the struggle for our independence had just begun.

We did so with deep gratitude towards the Peruvian people, for the contribution of their history and traditions to the formation of the Latin American identity, and for their share of blood, their firmness and principles that several of their children contributed to our independence and in defense of our sovereignty and self-determination.

Our peoples are also united by relations of solidarity, woven in difficult times, on the occasion of natural disasters. Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz was one of the first to donate his blood for the victims of the 1970 earthquake and thousands of Cubans followed him. Our health professionals also traveled on that occasion to assist the victims as they did in 2007, three days after the Ica earthquake in 2012, and last year before the floods in Piura. We Cubans appreciate the Peruvian solidarity sent to those affected by Hurricane Irma in 2017, as well as the permanent support of the governments and the Peruvian people in the battle against the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against our country.

Other experiences with Peru are in the areas of sports, education and culture, as well as the rich coexistence we have had with more than 25,000 Peruvians who were operated on for eye diseases and with the 1,864 Peruvian professionals who graduated with various specialties in Cuba, bringing us even closer together.

Our delegation includes representatives of young people, students, workers, farmers, cooperative and non-state sector workers, intellectuals, academics, religious leaders and professionals, among others. They will participate in the parallel forums and at the People’s Summit with a great sense of responsibility and constructive spirit to contribute the experience of the Cuban Revolution that we have built for almost 60 years, a consensus in favor of a political, economic, and social system forged through a participatory socialist democracy; one where human being are the first priority and in which the government is exercised by the people.

Today, like yesterday, with the legacy of Martí and Fidel, we reaffirm our commitment to the much-needed integration of the peoples and not allow US aggression against Latin America in order to continue to build the common Homeland that our Heroes dreamed of.