Solidarity with Cuba in the Halls of Congress

Karen Bass and Mandela portraitMeetings with congressional members to discuss the path towards normalization with Cuba and the end of the blockade took place in all three congressional offices buildings today. All the meetings took place with members of congress or with their foreign policy aides.

A particular highlight was the meeting that was held with Congresswoman Karen Bass who had just returned from a meeting with Cuban President Miguel Diaz Canel in New York City. She shared with the group her perspective on the upcoming mid-term elections and what it could mean for future Cuba-US relations. During the visit ELAM graduates Dr. Eduardo Alvarado and Dr. Elizabeth Arnold expressed their gratitude to the Cuban government for giving them the opportunity to become doctors without facing enormous student debt and to be well prepared to serve their communities.

Organizers of today’s effort were careful not to limit their discussions to only those friendly with Cuba but also included appointments with representatives who currently show little or no interest in improving relations with the island. They made it clear that the sentiment of the overwhelming majority of the people of the U.S. is to end the blockade and for peace and friendship with Cuba.