Mercenary Revelry at the OAS

By Elson Concepción Pérez on December 9, 2018

Luis Almagro has staged a new show in the United States, by now accusing Cuba of exporting “torturers” to Venezuela and Nicaragua.

What is going on with Cuba is terrible. Imagine that some 46,000 Cuban collaborators in Venezuela, the vast majority of them doctors, health technicians, nurses, educators, sports and cultural coaches, are – according to Luis Almagro – “teaching torture” in that Latin American nation.

As if that wasn’t enough the imposter also added that hundreds of doctors from the island who work in Nicaragua are also “torturers”, as he makes his bid for re-election as secretary general of the Organization for American States (OAS) for 2020-2025.

Almargo could easily extend his slander to the thousands of others who provide their services in Guatemala, Haiti, Bolivia, Ecuador, and perhaps even those who took Operation Miracle to Uruguay – where Luis Almagro is from – where 77,200 people have benefited from ophthalmic surgeries in almost 11 years. According to the Prensa Latina web page 50,000 of those with cataracts , could have gone blind if they had not received care.

The Cuban medical brigade in Uruguay have treated more than 450,000 low-income Uruguayans in a decade and checked another 175,000, according to health authorities in that country.

Operation Miracle arrived in Uruguay in 2005 as part of an agreement with Cuba to control the country’s first cases of cause of reversible blindness in November 2007 and with the collaboration of Cuban technicians, the José Martí Eye Hospital began operating.

What does Mr. Almagro say about this? Will he catalogue as torturers those doctors who gave vision back to tens of thousands of citizens in his country?

We can also take a look at more than 68 countries where there are Cuban doctors who offer solidarity and medical treatment.

All of us in our homeland know, and I am sure that the great majority of Latin Americans know as well, that Almagro, besides being a liar, is a cynical and a vulgar mercenary paid by the United States. And as such we must unmask him and his followers and financiers.

Now, in his ambition to re-elect himself as head of one of the most discredited institutions on this planet, he once again campaigned using his customary lies against Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. And it is very possible that he will be re-elected, because I imagine that a character like this will have very few competitors. His credentials as anti-Latin American mercenary surpasses that of any other late-night mercenary who aspires to the OAS chair.

In the OAS most recent meeting in Washington, men and women mercenaries traveled from the island with plane tickets and all the other expenses of their trip were paid by the United States.

They were invited to lie, to contribute supposed testimonies and to applaud Almagro every time he attacked Cuba, Venezuela or Nicaragua, as “violators of human rights”.

Almagro set the tone for the event when he assured that the theme of the meeting was all about a “firm and continuous process to denounce the Cuban regime.”

He accused the Cuban government of exporting “mechanisms of terror” to other Latin American countries, such as Venezuela and Nicaragua and for the circus he brought in the characters from the bottom of the barrel such as René Bolio, who identifies himself as president of Justice Cuba, and Orlando Gutiérrez, both linked to the worst terrorists of the Cuban-American mafia in Miami. From their mouths came a report between nostalgic and aspiring terrorists. Of course, the first ones to pop up was, Berta Soler and Marta Reyes, of the self-proclaimed Ladies in White, both with their dark entrails. And all now under the leadership of the worst of them, Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the OAS.

I mention some of these characters so that our people and everyone knows these mercenaries of the worst kind, who live in Cuba or travel back and forth to the United States, receiving payments from the imperial cradle of the United States while always being at the ready, to take a plane to go to any meeting organized to defame the Cuban reality.

When I read the complete list of participants in the show, I realized that their American hosts had to pay a good amount of money, because there were many plane tickets, meals, drinks and the Christmas bonus.

And while on the subject of “torture”, I want to add a reminder that yes, in a corner of Cuba, in a piece of our sovereign Island, there is a dark torture center created by the United States at the illegal base in Guantánamo.

Hundreds of people have been taken there, many of them because they are Arab, and have suffered the most terrible forms of mistreatment and humiliation that any human being can imagine right on our soil. Many have not resisted and died. Others have committed suicide. Others hope one day to have the possibility of a trial or at least to know why they were taken there.

It is curious that Almagro, his infamous OAS and the mercenaries to whom he pays and summons at will, have never raised a hand of condemnation for the true torture to which these human beings have been subjected to.

In Context: Those Almargo accuses of being torturers

In July of 2014 then Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Margaret Chan, on a visit to the island, said: “We ardently hope that all the inhabitants of the planet can have access to quality medical services, as in Cuba”.

In the first five years of the Revolution nearly half of the doctors in the country emigrated. Only about 3,600 remained in the country. Since then Cuba has been able to have more than 85,000 doctors and the best indicator in the world in the per capita of these professionals: 7.7 per thousand inhabitants, or in other words, one doctor for every 130 people.

In recent history more than 50,000 Cuban health collaborators have carried out missions in 68 countries, half of which were doctors.

During all these years more than 325 000 health workers have completed 580, 000 internationalist missions.

More than 4 million people without resources from 34 countries have been vision operations free of charge thanks to the Cuban-Venezuelan solidarity program Operation Miracle.

Cuba has more doctors in more countries than all the rich countries put together.

In Venezuela, Cuban cooperation has saved one and a half million lives in 12 years.

The Cuban disaster Medical Brigade, Henry Reeve, was awarded in 2017 by the World Health Organization, after treating more than 3.5 million people in 21 countries.

This is our history, this is our legacy and no amount of turning the truth on its head can take that away.

Source: Granma, translation Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau