Hundreds of Thousands March in the Streets of the U.S. Protesting Trump’s Racist Policy of Zero Tolerance

By Alicia Jrapko on June 30, 2018

20,000 protest in San Francisco against family separations, photo: Alicia Jrapko

In more than 700 American cities and towns hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to protest against the Trump administration’s racist Zero Tolerance policy that in recent months has separated more than 2,000 undocumented children from their parents on the border with Mexico.

Due to Trump’s anti-immigrant policy, families mostly from Central America who came to seek refuge escaping from violence and also from the poverty caused by neoliberal policies, were imprisoned and separated from their children.

The heart wrenching images of children crying, torn from the arms of their mothers, touched the fiber of American families and people from all over the world, who also took to the streets to raise their voices against the shame of the Empire and to demand the end of deportations and the criminal separation of families.

Due to this strong wave of public opposition, Trump was forced to put a halt on his crime for now, but there is still no accounting for the whereabouts of thousands of  families.  Desperate families and relatives continue their search to find their children who they brought here out of concern for their safety and well being in the first place. It is this basic human horror unfolding at the border that was the main reason that produced such a massive and widespread wave of protest today.

One of the marches took place in San Francisco where more than 20,000 people marched from the Dolores Park to the Civic Center of the city.

Posters and signs represented the feeling of solidarity towards the victims, but also the indignation towards Trump and his racist policy of divisionism and xenophobia.