Cuba and Another Huge Victory that Encourages the Continent

By Carlos Aznárez on November 1, 2018

In stormy times, Cuba always appears to bring out the sun of enthusiasm and the confirmation that there is a Revolution, and the road it is on is one of victory. This new great failure of the United States Empire in the United Nations goes to prove it. Not only the eight amendments which they hurried to add, intended only to embarrass and put dirt on the scene – in the name of human rights that they never respect – did not pass but were rejected by majority vote. And in the final vote against the blockade they were left alone once again with only Israel. They could not even scratch up some solitary abstention. The truth is that they do not convince anyone with their obsession against that small and dignified Caribbean island.

Not even it’s most faithful allies, in wars and other miseries that always end in genocide, accompanied the intervention of US ambassador Nikki Haley. Both Canada, and the countries of the European Union, and the Brazilian coup leaders or the bootlicking of the Argentine government, including the lackeys of Paraguay, Honduras and Chile, all succumbed to the evidence that Cuba has to be respected. All of them pressed the button to vote against the blockade. Haley herself had to admit that in this crusade the United States is more alone than ever, but as the world is upside down, and the UN is of little use, this vast majority only becomes symbolic and the gangsters of US foreign policy and Israeli will remain steadfast in their criminal tasks. Both are now preparing to try – again – to bleed the Iranian people with a new blockade, but it will not be easy for them there either.

Cuba has won again and with that attitude, has given new vigor to the old and new resistances that exist and will arise in the world in the face of the advance of fascism and all the scourges that become of it. What is again proven is that to reach this present in which they are recognized and admired, after 60 years of the Revolution, Cuban women and men have made a huge effort that only a strong revolutionary ideology could compensate. The leadership and enormous example of the old guard, with Fidel, Vilma, Raúl, Celia, Haydee, Almeyda and many others, is now added to the new generations of which the current president Diaz Canel is a clear representative, have served to make the people and government to take on the task of overcoming the blockade in everyday life, despite the damage that this cancer continues to generate.

As stated by Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, “in figures, the quantifiable damages accumulated by the blockade during almost six decades of application has reached over $933 billion dollars, taking into account the depreciation of the dollar against the value of gold.” Only in the last year, this siege caused Cuban losses in excess of over $4.3 billion dollars.
But beyond money, the loss of lives and sorrows that Yankee barbarism has caused it has also provoked the largest quota of sacrifice that the Cuban people have devoted to sustain the beacon of the Revolution ensuring that its light continues to shine on the continent. For all this, Congratulations Cuba and for your beautiful and iron resistance we hope we hope that the Empire continues to rage.

Cuba y otra enorme victoria que alienta al continente (por Carlos Aznárez)

Source: Resumen Lationamericano, translation North America Bureau