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Wed May 29, Cuban Women in Revolution in San Rafael

A New FilmCubanas Mujeres en Revolución
A 90 Minutes Film with English subtitles
Wednesday May 29, 7:00PM
Community Media Center of Marin 819 A St., San Rafael
$10-$20 donation at the door (nobody turned away for lack of funds)

Cubanas, Mujeres en Revolución is a film by Maria Torrellas produced by Resumen Latinoamericano. It has been shown in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Panama, Venezuela, Spain, France, Canada, England, Turkey, Australia, Sweden, and in the US in San Francisco and Oakland, CA, Minneapolis, New York City and Washington DC.

This film evokes the continuous role of women in the Revolution,

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Cuba-Venezuela and their Struggle Against U.S. Imperialism

Come Hear Eyewitness Reports from Bay Area Activists

Friday June 7, 2019 at 7:00PM

Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists

1924 Cedar St. (at Bonita Ave),

BerkeleyDoors Open at 6:30PM

Donations at the door(no one turned away for lack of funds

Speakers to include:

Recently returned from Venezuela

David Paul, one of the four remaining members of the Embassy Protection Collective, arrested when it was seized by the DC police and secret service. The Collective was there for more than a month defending the Embassy on behalf of the legitimate government of Venezuela.

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Letter Writing Campaign to the United Nations opposing U.S. Sanctions on Venezuela

Dear friends,

We urgently need to raise our voices to prevent more innocent people from dying in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Yet again it its imperial history, the United States has applied a financial blockade to prevent the purchase of food and medicine, a lethal weapon with the objective of making an entire people succumb to hunger and disease; a people whose only crime is a desire for sovereignty and independence.

President Maduro was elected on May 20, 2018, with an overwhelming majority

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Venezuela Resists, Trump’s Plans Fail

By Ángel Guerra Cabrera on May 9, 2019

Photo: Bill Hackwell

After the failed coup attempt by Leopoldo López and Juan Guaidó at the Altamira distributor in Caracas, without the Bolivarian military needing to fire a shot to deactivate it, some hegemonic media have been forced to explain the causes of the disaster. It should be noted that more than three months after his self-proclamation, not a single one of the so called interim president’s initiatives has been successful, despite the fact that Washington directs each of his steps and he enjoys the full and complete support of the corporate media.

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