This is the time to end once and for all the U.S. unilateral blockade against Cuba

Are You Feeling Confused?

Dominio Cuba
Published on Sep 5, 2018

Have you heard the story of some American diplomats who supposedly got sick in Cuba?
There has been talk of impossible acoustic weapons, viruses and brain damage, but the FBI itself went to Havana to investigate and did not find a single piece of evidence.

Are you feeling confused? It’s not your fault, someone’s trying to confuse you.

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Letter Writing Campaign to the United Nations opposing U.S. Sanctions on Venezuela

Dear friends,

We urgently need to raise our voices to prevent more innocent people from dying in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Yet again it its imperial history, the United States has applied a financial blockade to prevent the purchase of food and medicine, a lethal weapon with the objective of making an entire people succumb to hunger and disease; a people whose only crime is a desire for sovereignty and independence.

President Maduro was elected on May 20, 2018, with an overwhelming majority

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Venezuela Resists, Trump’s Plans Fail

By Ángel Guerra Cabrera on May 9, 2019

Photo: Bill Hackwell

After the failed coup attempt by Leopoldo López and Juan Guaidó at the Altamira distributor in Caracas, without the Bolivarian military needing to fire a shot to deactivate it, some hegemonic media have been forced to explain the causes of the disaster. It should be noted that more than three months after his self-proclamation, not a single one of the so called interim president’s initiatives has been successful, despite the fact that Washington directs each of his steps and he enjoys the full and complete support of the corporate media.

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The Monopoly of Arms

By Fernando Buen Abad on May 11, 2019

Some “common sense” — disturbed by means of bayonets — taught us to postpone (or perhaps resign to) our right to know why such an extraordinary amount of money is spent around the globe on weaponry. It takes place without prior consultation or checks and balances. Long story short, it’s some sort of “understood value” according to which we are supposed to know that it is “necessary” and “good” to be subject to the world market of warfare merchandise manufactured by the transnational war industry. Nobody says a word when we read, “The world military expenditure increases 2.6 percent pushed by the United States and China: ‘It is a new arms race’.”

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