Venezuelan Opposition Seeks to Break Rule of Law to Consummate Coup d’etat

The Venezuelan right activated a new phase of its coup plot against the constitutional government of President Nicolas Maduro, with the beginning of a campaign –with international support– aimed at justifying disobedience of the legal system and the public powers.

One of the pillars of this new attack is the lack of understanding of the Supreme Court of Justice’s powers, which this week issued two rulings defining the limits of parliamentary immunity and the conditions of the exercise of the legislative function while the National Assembly (AN) is in contempt of court.

Such decisions, in compliance with the powers enforced by the Constitution, are presented with high media volume in the world as an alleged coup against Parliament, whose acts are void for breaching judicial decisions.

The report of the supposed “breakdown of constitutional order” promoted by parliamentarians of the opposition coalition MUD is replicated by private, national and international media, and is aligned with the statement of the Attorney General, Luisa Ortega Diaz, and this Friday’s announcement by Parliament’s head Julio Borges, who appealed to the Prosecutor’s office against Court of Justice’s judgment.

This strategy joins an agenda of actions to “give energy to the street,” said Borges, who questioned the role of the State in the preservation of peace with calls to the Bolivarian National Armed Forces to ignore the Executive branch to defend the constitutional order.

This new stage of the coup plan has also the support of conservative governments of Latin America and Europe, which reproduce the false assumption of the rupture of constitutional order, and the Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, who in a clear interference insists on applying the Democratic Charter against Venezuela without fulfilling the conditions for it.

Source: AVN