Tuitazo Thursday June 15 We Say No Going Backward on Cuba Policy!!!

Photo: Bill Hackwell

The International Committee for Peace Justice and Dignity supports the TWITTER STORM announced by New York Cuba Solidarity Project for Saturday June 17 as part of an international campaign in solidarity with Cuba on the 17th of each month.

But because this coming Friday, June 16, the President of the United States Donald Trump will unveil his policy towards Cuba in Miami we are proposing a Tuitazo on Thursday June 15, with the following hashtags:

#nogoingbackonCuba #nomasbloqueo

In the last few days the corporate media has been speculating about that the new occupant of the White House will be announcing, but nobody seems to know with certainty what these changes will be.

Some believe that to please the more reactionary sectors in Miami, Trump will attempt to put a stop to the progress made since the resumption of relations and the opening of embassies in both countries. While nothing is for sure it appears Trump plans to try and roll back gains made in areas of trade and travel.

In recent days two groups from Congress and the Senate respectively have sent letters to the Trump Administration in support of the continuation of the improved policy towards Cuba which began on December 17, 2014. Both groups are warning the Administration about the mistake of going back to a policy of hostility that was a failure for more than half a century.

A wide range of people in the U.S. have enjoyed travelling to Cuba in these last two years and the majority of the population support an end to the blockade and all travel restrictions. It is an infringement on the rights of the American people and a continued punishment on Cuba, a country that has never done anything against the United States

From the perspective of the international solidarity movement with Cuba we say no going back and to express this we are planning a Tuitazo that can reach Trump in the White House.


We propose the following hashtag for the Tuitazo:

#NomasBloqueo #nogoingbackonCuba

We suggest to include the tweeter of Trump @POTUS