The “Venceremos” Movement Picket Line


On February 5, 2016, the “Venceremos” social movement and the Workers’ Union of Moscow, together with the allied organizations’ representatives, conducted a sanctioned picket line near the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. More people came than was reported, and it has caused anxiety to the police. The picket line was a success. The Workers’ Union of Moscow co-chairman and the “Venceremos” social movement Political Council Member comrade Lashin read the following appeal to the Embassy:

After the main picket line finished, we came to the place of the traditional single-person picket near the Embassy entrance. Comrade Lashin clarifies:

The following appeal was handed over to the Embassy:

Social Movement
Executive Board
Web site:
Luganskaya-3-2-351 tel. +7(903)2317848, +7(926)9051432, +7 (916)4330877
Moscow, 115304 E-mail:

February 5, 2016 № 5

To: the United States of America Embassy
in the Russian Federation

It is more than a year ago since us, participants in the movement for Latin America peoples’ sovereignty, together with friends from all over the world, brought about the liberation of the Cuban Five anti-terrorist heroes. The U.S. President has acknowledged that repressive anti-Cuban policies have not worked. Diplomatic relations have been re-established, political dialogue has begun, and US citizens’ access to travel has been expanded. Cuba has been removed from the list of countries accused of “terrorism assistance,” where it should never have been included given Cuba’s significant contributions to fighting the evil of terrorism.

However, to bring about full-fledged normalization of U.S.-Cuban relations, it is necessary to lift all bans on trade and economic and financial transactions. For more than 20 years, the world community has denounced the blockade of Cuba, a sovereign state. One hundred and ninety-one members of the 70th U.N. General Assembly voted to remove the blockade; only 2 nations – the U.S. and Israel – voted to uphold it. In addition, official contacts with Venezuela are incompatible with the “executive decree” declaring it a “menace to national security” and put into operation illegal sanctions.

Unfortunately, influence of anti-Cuban and anti-Venezuelan lobbies is pervasive in the U.S., and is historically connected to international right-wing extremist groups. Expansion of international terrorism demonstrates the extreme danger of these factions. One of the conditions to eliminate terrorism is to implement all measures for normalization of relations with Cuba, as declared by the U.S. President a year ago. However, these measures are insufficient.

We appeal to the U.S. Government and to all responsible forces in the Congress:

to stop the unlawful practice of financial and economic sanctions against companies and citizens of third countries for trade and economic contacts with Cuba and other states, to lift the anti-Cuba embargo and declare the Torricelli and Helms-Burton laws and all other acts of Cuba blockade as null and void, by virtue of their contradiction with U.S. international obligations as the U.N. founding member and to the norms of international law;

  • to fulfill the long-term promise to close the “detention center” at the Guantanamo military base and to start negotiations on returning this territory to Cuba, in accordance with the position of the countries of the region as expressed at the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) January summit;
  • to prohibit activities of the armed anti-Cuban, anti-Venezuelan and other extremists in the U.S. as inconsistent with the U.N. Charter, with national law, and with provision of international peace and security;
  • to bring to justice those terrorists responsible for concealment and connivance, including fabrication of the Cuban Five court process by mass media bribery and pressure upon jurymen;
  • to grant amnesty and to liberate Ana Belen Montes, convicted unjustly for informing the legitimate authority of Cuba on unlawful actions being planned in the U.S.;
  • to continue investigation of crimes of the international ultra-right network which had been preparing the terrorist plan “Condor”, attempts against F.Castro, H.Chavez, N.Maduro, E.Morales, R.Correa and other Latin American politicians, subversive economic actions with active participation of Luis Posada Carriles and similar persons; to extradite L.Posada Carriles to Venezuela for bringing him to trial for the Cuban plane explosion in 1976 and other acts of terror;
  • to prevail on Colombian authorities for assistance in the quick liberation of all the political prisoners and prisoners of war, to guarantee observation of human rights and achievement of lasting peace; to return freedom and the possibility to make his contribution to completing the peace process to one of its initiators, Simon Trinidad, who is unjustly confined in U.S. prison;
  • to lift the “executive decree” on sanctions against Venezuela, to stop intervening into its affairs; to prevail on parliamentary opposition for assistance to constructive dialogue between the branches of government;
  • to grant amnesty and to liberate the eldest political prisoner of the U.S. and Latin America – the Puerto-Rican Oscar López Rivera; to grant the people of Puerto-Rico the right for self-determination, according to the U.N. and CELAC position;
  • to liberate the anti-racist civil activist, political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal serving life imprisonment;
  • to withhold military assistance to the Kiev regime which severely violates human rights; to support the initiative of creating the international tribunal for investigation of war crimes committed during the so-called anti-terrorist operation in Donbass, as well as in Odessa and other regions; to publish the satellite data on the Malaysian airliner crash in July 2014; to demand that the Kiev officials hold direct negotiations with the elected bodies of Donbass;
  • to lift the unlawful sanctions against Syria and Iran fighting heavy battles against international terrorism; to support the anti-terrorist measures of Russia and other countries, to coordinate actions with them;
  • to prevail on authorities of Israel, Saudi Arabia and other countries to stop export of violence to Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya; to realize the acknowledged right of Arab people of Palestine for its sovereignty;
  • to demand that the President and Government of Turkey admit their liability for connivance with terrorists and destruction of the Russian plane during its anti-terrorist mission, to investigate the crimes objectively and to punish all those guilty by law;
  • to abstain from placing extra troops and arms in Europe and at the Far East as a provocative action posing a threat to universal peace;
  • to use its influence on South Korean authorities (the Republic of Korea) for assistance to democratization of this country, first of all, to repeal the law “On National Security” which severely violates fundamental human rights and freedoms, and to liberate persons convicted on the basis of this unjust law, including the “Korean Dozen” – the twelve health workers of the Pusan city, as well as Han Sang-gyun and other leaders of trade union movement and all those arrested during mass protests in Seoul in November 2015;
  • to stop provocative military maneuvers near the DPRK borders, to withdraw all U.S. military bases and servicemen from the territories of Japan and South Korea.

The Executive Board and Public Council members:

A.A. Lashin

E.I. Fradkin

A.V. Kharlamenko

S.V. Khristenko

V.N. Chechentsev

N.A. Yatsunov

Photos by E. Sidorenkova, P. Borisov, V.I. Shishkarev