The S.F. Bay Area Stands with Bolivarian Venezuela

About 100 people gathered in the city of San Francisco to hear a critical update on the current situation of Venezuela.

The full house event in the Mission District started with the Premiere of the documentary “Venezuela the Shadow Agenda” by filmmaker Hernando Calvo Ospina. The film explains the reasons behind the U.S.’s aggressive stand against Venezuela. The beginning of the film best illustrates this hostile policy by showing former President Obama commenting on Venezuela.”We have the strongest military in the world and occasionally we have to twist the arms of countries that wouldn’t do what we need them to do”.

Speakers included the General Consul of Venezuela Jose Antonio Cordero and Jeanette Charles from Venezuela Analysis. Carolina Morales a Venezuelan community organizer moderated the panel discussion. Translation was provided by Lisa Milos, a union organizer.

The event coincided with the bogus presidential inauguration of Juan Orlando Hernández in Honduras. During the November elections there international observers and organizations testified about the fraud committed in the Central American country, yet the United States was the first country to recognize the corrupt non-elected-by-the-people president of Honduras. The escalating repression against peaceful demonstrators has resulted in many deaths but has not made it into the headlines of the mainstream U.S. Media.

In contrast, Venezuela, the country with more elections and referendums than any other country in the world, with international observers, including from the U.S., who have verified that the elections in Venezuela as being transparent and clean, has to endure an endless attack streaming in the big business media. Constantly we are told that Venezuela is run by a dictator while being a security threat to the United States but we never hear about the significant social gains that have taken place under the direction of Chavez and now Maduro.

Ospina’s movie documents that the crime of oil rich Venezuela is because it is using that resource for people’s needs. For that the Empire is pulling out every dirty trick in its bag of regime change tactics to bring it back into its colonial orbit.

The Venezuelan meeting was just one example of interest that people are having in hearing another side of the Venezuelan story.

The event was organized by the International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity, the Center for Political Education, Freedom Archive and Task Force on the Americas.