Sign the Petition in Support of Carlos Aznarez

The International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity makes a call to endorse a Petition in support of Carlos Aznárez, Director of  Resumen Latinoamericano 


We Reject Any Attempts to Criminalize Journalist Carlos Aznárez and Stifle his Freedom of Expression

We the undersigned are alerting people of good will about the opening of a “criminal” case against Carlos Aznárez, a journalist and director of Resumen Latinoamericano, by the Delegation of Argentine Jewish Associations (DAIA).

Aznárez is being harassed for exercising his right to publicly expressing his solidarity with the Palestinian People.

This abuse has become more serious and significant of late because of a judicial procedure initiated by DAIA to attempt – through a notice to Google – to access all the emails of the journalist and the media that he represents from July 2014 to date.

This measure itself violates the right to privacy and protection of sources of information that any professional in the field of communication in our country and the world has. It is for this reason that we reject this procedure that explicitly attacks the rights protected in the Argentine National Constitution. Furthermore, we express our solidarity with Carlos Aznárez, a journalist and human rights activist who is now challenging the judicial measures directed against him.

We also demand that actions such as this not be repeated against any other media workers whose inherent function is to inform and to actively and freely express their ideas.

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