Statement from the International Committee about the Elections in Brazil

The electoral results in Brazil will now place in the presidency of the largest country in Latin America a member of the army who supports the torture, jail and death that took place during the dark years of the Brazilian military dictatorship.

The neo-fascist Jair Messias Bolsonaro, who graduated from the School of Physical Education of the Army with the rank of captain, a specialist in threats, uttering insults, blatantly racist, homophobic and a disgusting misogynist, has won the elections while the historical leader of the country Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva remains imprisoned without any evidence and judicially prevented from running for president.

They had to strip Dilma Rousseff of power in 2016, launch a legal persecution of Lula in 2017, imprison him, try to muzzle him and ban him from running in 2018; demonize the PT, persecute its militants, and then launch a campaign of lies trumpeted by the hegemonic media and social networks in order to impose the fascist army captain.

Using a similar matrix that got Donald Trump elected, the campaign in Brazil was well prepared and orchestrated. The hand of former Trump advisor Steve Bannon, now also an advisor to fascism in Europe, was involved along with Senator Marco Rubio. The Pentecostal churches played a big role by saturating the youth of the most backward sectors of the Brazilian population through social media who last night celebrated in the military parade to the cry of “Viva la Dictadura” (Long Live the Dictatorship).

The hatred of the uneducated captain, who won the presidency by pleasing the interests of the Brazilian oligarchy, stands in sharp contrast to the thoughtful dignity of university professor Fernando Haddad, former Minister of Education of Lula’s government, who in just two months of campaigning obtained 46.8 million votes. We salute Fernando Haddad and the militancy of the Workers Party for their enormous effort and Lula for his dignified resistance.

We call on all people of conscience to redouble international solidarity for Lula’s freedom, in support of the Workers’ Party, the Landless Movement, the LGBT sectors and all those who will resist the plans of hunger, persecution and lack of freedom in Brazil.

Latin America is in serious danger of revising a new Plan Condor. The siege on Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia and El Salvador is being tightened. It is time to form a broad Anti-Fascist Front that can take up again the course that Fidel and Chavez started.

We should not allow our strength to become demoralized. The slogan is to resist in unity of action until we win.

Freedom to Lula! Solidarity with those who fight and resist. No pasarán!

International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity

October 29, 2018