Statement from the International Committee about the Coup in Brazil

President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, spoke to the brazilian people

President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, spoke to the brazilian people

The International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity repudiates the parliamentarian, judicial and media orchestrated coup d’état against the democratically elected Government of Brazil. Even before March 4, the day that ex-president Lula was arrested, we have been denouncing the impending coup.

The script of this coup was designed by imperialism and is a crude, obscene campaign whipped up by the media using a ridiculous anti-corruption complaint that has enjoyed judicial collaboration and the backing of a scandal filled parliament. There has not been a shred of decency shown to Dilma and Lula. Making things worse has been the opportunists and political betrayal of allied groups joining hand and hand with the right and the oligarchy to remove from power the first woman President in the history of Brazil. Dilma like Lula returned the dignity to the people forgotten by history. The coup makers could care less that 54 million Brazilians had voted for her in the last election.

What now appears as legality, in this fraudulent charade of impeachment, is the lawlessness that has taken over the position of a democratically elected president.

The current provisional separation of Dilma for 180 days is the next stage in the advancement towards her complete removal and political disqualification. This coup, is not a “soft coup”, it is actually a hard coup against all our peoples, which is preparing to go after Lula with the possibility of even taking him to prison, as way to prevent him from running in the next presidential election.

This new coup is a blow to true democracy and it is intimately linked to the repositioning of the hegemony of Washington against the advances that have been made in Latin America. Its goals are the weakening of the entire region and the progressive governments of ALBA, CELAC and the January 2014 proclamation declaring Latin America as a Zone of Peace.

In these 180 days the plan of the coup Government of Temer, which could never achieve power through the ballot box, is to dismantle the huge social projects carried out over these past years. Under the governments of Lula and Dilma great advancements were made through the More Doctors, Zero Hunger, My House My Life, Bolsa Familia and many other programs. These are social plans that raised 30 million people out of extreme poverty and out of the marginalization of the favelas – something that had been missing in Brazil for decades.

The vision they are putting forward is an attempt to reverse every gain of the Brazilian people. International agreements of cooperation and investment that will benefit the sovereignty of Latin America, the Caribbean and other developing countries will also be in the sights of the coup. This is why it is important to reiterate that this coup is not just aimed at Brazilians but towards all our peoples.

Now is the time that our peoples, parties, progressive movements, social society, religious, labor unions and human rights movements, stand with the workers and people of Brazil.

We express our absolute and profound solidarity with President Dilma, the former President Lula and the Workers ‘ Party and call on all our friends around the world to repudiate the coup.