Preparations for Actions against Blockade of Cuba Continues in the U.S.

August 24 – Washington DC (Prensa Latina)

Friends and organizations in solidarity with Cuba are currently making progress in organizing a week of events against the Blockade, which will be held in the U.S. capital from September 11-16.

The Days of Action, as they are called, is the third of its kind and will be focusing on showing and denouncing the damage that the blockade that has been imposed on Cuba for over 50 years is causing on the health system on the island nation

“We want people here to know the impact of the blockade on that sensitive sector of Cuban society,” said Alicia Jrapko, coordinator in the United States of the International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity. She remarked that despite all the challenges for health care in Cuba it is an absolute human right, something that does not exist here in the U.S.

Jrapko went on to say that, “the week of events will be an opportunity to explain to American audiences the Cuban model of healthcare, something that could be an important guideline to improving health here in the richest country in the world.”

Jrapko confirmed to Prensa Latina that there will be five US graduates from the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM), located in Cuba, who will be participating in all the activities along with two known Cuban healthcare professionals.  In all there will be a dozen presentations and community events in the DC metro area and in Maryland.

Also there will be two screenings of the new documentary film, Dare to Dream, about Elam that will be presented by the director and filmmaker Jennifer Wager.

Jrapko reported that meetings on Capitol Hill with senators and representatives are in the process of being arranged with over 50 requests already being sent out. Teams of participants, including the ELAM doctors, will focus their visits on calling for the end of the blockade of Cuba. In conjunction with the visits to individual offices of elected officials a congressional briefing with members of the House and Senate is also being set up.

“Support from health groups is growing. Recently, the organization National Nurses United, the largest union of these registered professionals in the country, with 150,000 members, gave its endorsement to the week of events,” Jrapko said. “It is important to be able to count on this support as it was followed by the endorsement of the New York State Nurses Association.”