Premiere in San Francisco: New Cuban Film All Guantánamo is Ours

Jane Franklin and Walter Turner to speak at the San Francisco Premiere of New Cuban Film
All Guantánamo is Ours

Saturday July 23, 2016,
The Eric Quezada Center for
Culture and Politics
518 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA
(Donations at the door, nobody turned away for lack of funds)

The viewing will be followed by a panel discussion on current U.S. Cuba relations, the state of prisoners detained at the base and the struggle for returning the occupied territory. The event will be an opportunity to commemorate July 26, Cuban’s national holiday that signifies the spark that led to the Cuban Revolution in 1959.

Special Guests

  • Jane Franklin, internationally acclaimed historian and peace and justice activist. The author of several books on Cuba and Panama, she has published in periodicals including The Nation and The Progressive, and appears frequently on radio and TV as a commentator about U.S.-Cuba relations. She is the author of CUBA and the U.S. EMPIRE A Chronological History.
  • Walter Turner, President of the Board of Directors of Global Exchange Coordinator of Global Exchange’s Cuba Program, Professor of Social Sciences College of Marin and Host of weekly radio program on KPFA “Africa Today”. Turner is also a Board of Directors of Freedom Archives.
  • The program will be chaired by Chelis Lopez, popular Bay Area cultural worker and KPOO and Radio Bilingue radio host.

The new documentary All Guantánamo is Ours, is directed by Colombian journalist and writer, Hernando Calvo Ospina. This 37 minute audiovisual with English subtitles shows the sentiment and perspective of the Cuban people, especially those living in the towns around the US Naval base in Guantanamo and their desire for its return.

Since December 17, 2014 a number of meetings took place between the U.S and Cuba and Guantanamo remains one of the most important issues for the Cuban people.

“The occupation of the Naval Base is illegal and it is occupied against the will of the government and the people of Cuba who since 1959 have been demanding its return. That is why until Cuba can recuperate Guantanamo’s total sovereignty and control we will not be able to say that there are normal relations between Cuba and the United States.” Josefina Vidal, Ministry of Foreign Relations General Director for the United States

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