This is the time to end once and for all the U.S. unilateral blockade against Cuba

Are You Feeling Confused?

Dominio Cuba
Published on Sep 5, 2018

Have you heard the story of some American diplomats who supposedly got sick in Cuba?
There has been talk of impossible acoustic weapons, viruses and brain damage, but the FBI itself went to Havana to investigate and did not find a single piece of evidence.

Are you feeling confused? It’s not your fault, someone’s trying to confuse you.

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Statement by Workers’ Party of Brazil Condemning Exclusion of Lula in the Elections

August 31, 2018

Faced with the violence that was committed today by the Superior Electoral Court against the rights of Lula and the people who want to elect him president of the Republic, the Workers’ Party affirms that it will continue to fight by all means to guarantee his candidacy in the October 7 elections.

We will present all the appeals to the courts so that Lula’s political rights, provided in the law and also in the international treaties ratified by Brazil, may be recognized. We will defend Lula in the streets, together with the people, because he is the candidate of hope.

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New Cuban Constitution: For a Society Where there are No Losers

By Iroel Sánchez on August 27, 2018

Cuba is expanding its rights, transforming the structure of its State in order to better respond to citizens’ demands and adapting its legislation to the changes that have taken place in the country’s economy over the last decade in order to adjust it to the difficult international scenario in which it must operate. Since August 13, Cuba has been paying tribute to Fidel with a popular debate in which all the people are constituents, based on a project that has already had a substantial debate in the National Assembly.

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US Blockade Cost Cuba More Than $4 Billion in One Year

August 24, 2018

Between April 2017 and March 2018, U.S. policy towards Cuba intensified and the economic aggression and siege cost the Caribbean country more than $4.321 billion dollars, bringing the total cost of the losses suffered by the island in almost six decades of application of the blockade to 933.678 billion dollars, according to official estimates revealed this Friday in Havana.

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