This is the time to end once and for all the U.S. unilateral blockade against Cuba

Against Macri’s Abuses. The world Stands with Argentina

March 20, 2017

The signers below; intellectuals, artists, human rights defenders, and political and trade union

The signers below; intellectuals, artists, human rights defenders, and political and trade union leaders from around the world, express our fullest solidarity with the Argentine people who are facing neo-liberal policies from the Government of Mauricio Macri.

In just 15 months Macri is responsible for thousands of layoff in both the public and private sectors, he has devalued the currency, taken away labor rights with the new law ART, and benefits for retirees and their free prescription drugs. He has also tried to put a cap on wage claims against an inflation rate that shows no sign of stopping. The steep decline of economic activity, particularly in industry is evident as poverty continues to grow. Showing the seriousness of the situation in Argentina there are two million new poor since the beginning of Macri’s presidency.

During the time of Macri Argentina has had the dubious distinction of having a variety of corruption cases against him and those around him. The investigation around him includes the Panama Papers, and corruption cases involving Odebrecht, Avianca, Correo Argentino, among others. On top of this is the unjust imprisonment of social leader Milagro Sala in the province of Jujuy; a case that has been condemned by various international organizations including the UN, Parlasur, OAS,

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Cuba Offers 1,000 Full Medical Scholarships towards Colombia Peace Process

March 16, 2017
As a new contribution to the Colombia peace process, Cuba will award 1,000 scholarships to members of the Revolutionary Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (FARC-EP) and victims of the conflict to study medicine on the island.

Cuban Ambassador to Colombia, José Luis Ponce, announced the plan before the Commission for Follow up, Advance, and Verification of the Implementation of the Final Peace Agreement (CSIVI), while the announcement was made to government representatives on the commission by FARC-EP Secretariat member Iván Márquez.

Ponce explained that 200 scholarships will be awarded every year for five years – 100 for the FARC-EP and 100 for the Notational Executive – and constitute a contribution by Cuba to the implementation of the Peace Agreements reached in Havana, and to the construction of a post-conflict Colombia.

The scholarship students will begin their studies in the 2017-2018 academic year, according to the Cuban ambassador.

The program will be offered to young demobilized FARC-EP recruits, displaced persons, and other victims of the armed conflict, the latter chosen by the government.

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The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela wishes to express its unreserved rejection of the illegitimate and illicit report about Venezuela presented by Mr Luis Almagro, who acts in his capacity as General Secretary of the Organisation of American States (OAS) without appropriate knowledge of the institutional processes and principles of that organisation.

Luis Almagro, who is renowned as an enemy of the people of Venezuela, has created a series of falsehoods against the Republic of Venezuela with the sole objective of promoting international intervention in our country and accentuating the economic war taking place against Venezuelan society. His actions at the head of the OAS have surpassed his powers, and have been marked by an abuse of power, directed solely on the basis of the hatred he holds towards Venezuela, and in collusion with the extremist, anti-democratic and coupsupporting Venezuelan opposition. The disdainful resentment that guides those who have converted to an extreme position is what motivates his actions, and his appalling writings will be lost in the depths of history, recorded as an example of how a subservient person is capable of destroying the workings of an organisation.

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Friday March 17, TUITAZO for the end of Blockade against Cuba


On April 2015, during the Summit of the Peoples of Panama and in 2016 in various regional meetings of solidarity with the Cuban revolution, an agreement was made for visible actions to take place to show our forceful rejection of the criminal blockade.

Based on the results of actions carried out for more than a decade on the 5th of each month calling for the freedom of the Cuban 5, it was decided to do the same thing on the 17th of each month in commemoration of December 17, 2014, the day of the historic announcement when Cuba and United States agreed to restart diplomatic relations and also the day of the historic return of Gerardo, Ramón and Antonio to their homeland after 16 years of wrongful imprisonment.

Along with the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) and solidarity committees and groups from around the world, we join these actions calling for a TUITAZO on Friday March 17 that can be heard loud and clear at the White House, calling for the end of the criminal blockade against Cuba that continues intact.


We propose the following hashtag for the Tuitazo:

We suggest to include the tweeters of Trump @POTUS

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Statement of the 15th Meeting of the Network in Defense of Humanity; “Emancipatory Communication or Colonized Homelands”

The Network of Intellectuals, Artists, and Social Movements in Defense of Humanity expresses its solidarity with the people and the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in these moments when the sponsors of the media war and terrorism against Venezuela, Cuba and the ALBA countries have been renewed and intensified their interventionist intentions by trying to destabilize them as part of the imperial policy of “regime change” in countries considered hostile to the diplomacy of war coming from Washington.

With the new technologies of information and communication, without us even realizing it, millions of citizens are being watched, spied on, controlled, and their information filed by States that are carrying out a massive clandestine surveillance. This campaign is taking place in alliance with military security apparatuses and giant corporations of the web. In a parallel and complementary way while this new era of the “post truth” (or the art of the blatant lie) is falling into place another war is happening in the fields of ideology and culture. All of this is being waged by the network of the hegemonic media against our people in the Americas.

Both of these processes are being promoted by the United States, their European accomplices, and the Fascist Government of Israel, through an increasingly criminal and militarized form of capitalism.

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The Vision and Legacy of Berta Cáceres: An interview Berta Zúñiga Cáceres and Laura Zúñiga Cáceres

By Beverly Bell on March 1, 2017

One year ago today, Berta Cáceres was murdered by the national and local Honduran government and a multinational dam company, with at least the tacit support of the US. Last September, all the evidence Cáceres’ family had collected over many months was stolen, almost certainly by the government. The government has also refused to share information with the family and to allow independent parties like the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to help with the process. Eight people have been arrested for her murder which according to The Guardian was an extrajudicial killing planned by military intelligence specialists linked to the Honduran US–trained special forces.

Please contact your US congressperson to urge him or her to endorse the Berta Cáceres Human Rights Act, which is being re-introduced today, March 2, 2017. It compels the US government to cut military aid to Honduras until it improves its human rights record. Please spread the call to your networks, too.

The legacy of Cáceres’ vision and work lives on. Here, two of her daughters discuss Cáceres’ political, spiritual, and intellectual heritage.

Beverly Bell: How do you see your mother’s legacy?

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