This is the time to end once and for all the U.S. unilateral blockade against Cuba

Statement to the press by General Director for US Affairs, Josefina Vidal Ferreiro

Today, we have learned about a media note by the Department of State, informing of the decision of the US Government to draw down their Embassy staff in Havana.

As we informed on the past Tuesday, September 26, in a meeting held that day, at the proposal of the Cuban side, with Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla:

– Advised him not to take any hasty decisions, which are not based on evidences and conclusive investigation results;

– Urged him not to politicize a matter of this nature; and

– Reiterated to him the request for effective cooperation of the US authorities to bring to closure the ongoing investigation on the alleged incidents with US diplomats in Havana.

He underscored that the Government of Cuba has no responsibility whatsoever in the alleged incidents, and that it seriously and strictly observes its obligations under the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, with regard to the protection of the integrity of diplomatic agents accredited in the country and of their family members, without exceptions.

We consider that the decision announced by the Department of State is hasty and that it will affect the bilateral relations, specifically, the cooperation in matters of mutual interest and the exchanges on different fields between both countries.

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Sunday October 8, 3PM, Berkeley Fundraiser for Cuba Hurricane Relief

Photo: Bill Hackwell

Join us for an afternoon of Solidarity with Revolutionary Cuba at this Critical Time

Irma is the largest hurricane ever to hit Cuba. The government and their mass organizations are still assessing the damage, but we know it will be great. While socialist Cuba is pulling together as a society the cruel and inhumane blockade is making it nearly impossible for them to get much needed funds. Many people are asking how they can help. Our event is one of many that people around the state, country and around the world are organizing to help Cuba at this difficult moment. All proceeds from this event will go directly to Cuba, no administrative costs, no bank transaction fees.

Sunday October 8, 3PM
Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists
1924 Cedar @ Bonita
$10-20 at the door, (no
one will be turned away for lack of funds)

MUSIC by local Bay Area group

Program includes

  • Nancy Morejon, one of Cuba’s foremost poets.
  • Dr. Lucia Agudelo, US graduate from the Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba (ELAM)
  • Dr. Abraham Vela, US graduate from the Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba (ELAM)
    (both whom recently participated in the Third Days of Action Against the Blockade in Washington DC)
  • Daysi Salas, from the Cuban Union of Writers and Artists.
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Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla’s Address to the UN General Assembly

September 22, 2017

Mr. President;

Mr. Secretary General;

Allow me to reiterate to you Cuba’s support to your work at the helm of the United Nations and as a guarantor and advocate of international peace.

Heads of State and Government;

Distinguished delegates;

I would like to express my deep condolences to the relatives of the deceased and the victims of hurricanes Irma and Maria, as well as our disposition to increase our cooperation, to the extent of our modest possibilities, with the brother peoples and governments of Dominica and Antigua and Barbuda, small Caribbean islands which suffered a terrible devastation; with the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Saint Martin, Sint Maarten, Virgin Islands and Anguilla.

I call upon the international community to give the highest priority to this situation and mobilize resources to assist the small Caribbean Island States and territories which have suffered such devastation.

We would like to convey Cuba’s warmest feelings of solidarity to the government and people of Mexico, particularly to the victims and their relatives, who were affected by both earthquakes, and reiterate to them our disposition to assist the population and support the recovery works with our modest efforts.

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Cuba calls Trump’s U.N. address ‘unacceptable and meddling’

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

HAVANA (Reuters) – Cuba on Tuesday slammed U.S. President Donald Trump’s latest comments about the island as “disrespectful, unacceptable and meddling,” while reiterating it was not involved in the alleged incidents that had harmed U.S. diplomats in Havana.

The sharply worded Foreign Ministry statement came after U.S. and Cuban delegations met in Washington to discuss bilateral relations, the first such high-level meeting between the Cold War foes since Trump took office in January.

Their meeting took place on the same day Trump addressed the United Nations General Assembly in New York, calling Cuba “corrupt and destabilizing.” He also said he would not lift the U.S. trade embargo on Cuba until it made “fundamental reforms.”

Cuba said it had voiced “strong protest” against his comments, as well against his new policy toward the Communist-run nation. The Republican president announced in June a partial rollback of the U.S.-Cuban detente forged by his Democratic predecessor, Barack Obama.

“In the wake of the disrespectful, unacceptable and meddling statements made by President Donald Trump in his address to the U.N. General Assembly at a time when the U.S.-Cuba Bilateral Commission was sitting in session, the Cuban delegation voiced a strong protest,” the Foreign Ministry statement said.

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