This is the time to end once and for all the U.S. unilateral blockade against Cuba

US and the Central American Exodus

By Angel Guerra on October 25, 2018

Photo by John Moore

The exodus of Central Americans, mainly to the United States, has been made visible by the current caravan that crosses Mexico, this is not new and is a long-standing phenomenon. In 2017, the International Organization for Migration, a UN agency, reported that 450,000 migrants, predominantly Central Americans, annually cross Mexico to the country to the North. This phenomenon began to take off in the 1980s as a result of Washington’s massive support for the armies and repressive forces of El Salvador and

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The Role of Social Media in Bolsonaro’s Irresistible Ascent

By Jorge Elbaum on October 28, 2018

The role of social networks and direct message applications (basically WhatsApp) in the electoral campaign of Jair Messias Bolsonaro is one of the central themes of the new forms of political configuration in Latin America. False news, propaganda, the construction of uncritical common sense and the sowing of hatred are not innovative practices in either political history or war. The attempt to configure passive and malleable subjects has been studied for centuries as a substratum of ideological struggles aimed at capturing the collective social will and directing it for the benefit of corporate interests.

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Brazil: The Indispensable Need for Resistance

By Carlos Aznárez on October 28, 2018

The die is cast. There are no longer any polls that can be used to draw un provable results. The truth is that a fascist has come to the presidency of Brazil by a vote of millions. The fact is serious from any point of view, and not only for Brazilians, but this vote will undoubtedly have an unpredictable impact on the rest of the continent and beyond.

The Nazi Bolsonaro won by nearly a ten point advantage thanks to many factors that will have to be analyzed starting from this very moment. One of them, the fundamental one, is this insistence from many popular sectors of not taking into account that in the framework of these bourgeois democracies that they are absolutely controlled by the enemies of the peoples.

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Statement from the International Committee about the Elections in Brazil

The electoral results in Brazil will now place in the presidency of the largest country in Latin America a member of the army who supports the torture, jail and death that took place during the dark years of the Brazilian military dictatorship.

The neo-fascist Jair Messias Bolsonaro, who graduated from the School of Physical Education of the Army with the rank of captain, a specialist in threats, uttering insults, blatantly racist, homophobic and a disgusting misogynist, has won the elections while the historical leader of the country Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva remains imprisoned without any evidence and judicially prevented from running for president.

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