This is the time to end once and for all the U.S. unilateral blockade against Cuba

What Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You About Venezuela’s OAS Exit

For weeks, mainstream media has ramped up attacks against Venezuela, deceiving readers about ongoing political turmoil. Today is no different.

The decision was announced after the OAS Permanent Council approved a convening of foreign ministers to discuss Venezuela, without the country’s consent. There were 19 votes in favor of holding the meeting, 10 against, one abstention and one absence.

Slamming the OAS for calling the meeting, Rodriguez said the U.S.-based regional organization seeks to criminalize the government and destabilize constitutional democracy. These actions, she said, are intended to facilitate regime change and foreign intervention.

Venezuelan OAS representative Samuel Moncada echoed Rodriguez’s concerns, adding that right-wing member states are pressuring Venezuela to accept intervention in their internal affairs.

For these reasons, Venezuela has decided to pull out of the 35-member organization. Mainstream media, however, paint a radically different picture of the situation.

Corporate news outlets not only portray the country’s OAS exit as an example of the government attempting to “maintain its grip on power” amid opposition protests.

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Trump Holds Secret Meeting With Right-Wing Colombian Leaders

April 21, 2017

Uribe, Trump, Pastrana

The previously undisclosed meeting was dedicated to discussing Colombia’s ongoing peace negotiations between leftist guerrillas and President Juan Manuel Santos’ government. The White House confirmed on Friday that U.S. President Donald Trump met with former right-wing Colombian presidents Alvaro Uribe and Andres Pastrana at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida last week.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claims the encounter “wasn’t anything beyond a quick hello” and that Uribe and Pastrana “briefly said hello when the president walked past them,” ABC News reports.

Pastrana, however, posted a tweet thanking Trump for having a “cordial and frank conversation about Colombia’s problems,” implying that the encounter was more than just a meet-and-greet.

When asked about the meeting during Wednesday’s White House press briefing, Press Secretary Sean Spicer said, “I don’t have anything for you at this time.”

Trump’s meeting with Uribe and Pastrana may signal growing U.S. involvement in Colombia’s peace negotiations, which began in September 2012.

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Pro-Government Marchers Flood Venezuela’s Capital Amid Right-Wing Violence, Coup Threats

By Lucas Koerner on April 22, 2017

In what was one of the largest Chavista marches in Caracas in years, tens of thousands of Venezuelans took to the streets of the capital on April 19 in huge pro-government rallies marking the country’s Independence Day.

Thousands of right-wing opposition also took to the streets in often violent protests. The day after the large pro- and anti-government marches, more right-wing violence broke out. The government accused opposition protesters of attacking public institutions, including a maternity hospital, on April 20. Ten people were also confirmed dead after a riot in Caracas.

On April 19, thousands of red-clad supporters of President Nicolas Maduro mobilized in four separate marches that culminated in a mass rally along Bolivar Avenue in downtown Caracas.

“I am here to support the Revolution … because I love my country,” one marcher told “I’m a Chavista in the flesh and I support Chavez and Maduro.

“I want that to be heard in the US, Europe and the rest of the world so they can’t say this is a show, that we don’t have numbers that we’re paid to be here. No, this is real.”

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How Cynical can they be, Giving Lessons on Democracy to Venezuela?

By Graciela Ramirez on April 16, 2017

Photo: Bill Hackwell

When Commander Hugo Chávez was elected President of Venezuela in 1999 he said there will be no more illiteracy, children will not die from curable diseases, the elderly will have their senior years guaranteed, there will be no more mothers who die during childbirth or from miserable poverty, there will be shelter, land and work for all, young people will study and will graduate in new schools and universities, sports, music, literature, and all expressions of art and culture will become the heritage of the people.

And women, the indigenous, mestizos and black people who were always forgotten and humiliated, will have their rights and their place along with everybody else in the Bolivarian Revolution. And Chavez said more; there will be participatory democracy, a constituent assembly, the Constitution will be sacred and never again will the country’s natural resources be given away.

The data backs up Chavez’s promises, the proof is there no matter how much effort the Empire, the oligarchy and the media puts into trying to undermine these facts and figures. There it is, the work of Chavez that Maduro continues: illiteracy and infant mortality has been reduced by 50%.

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Monday April 17: Tuitazo for the End of the Blockade Against Cuba


Pollsters report again and again that the majority of people in the U.S. oppose the U.S. economic, financial and commercial blockade of Cuba. Let’s show it! Join the twitter campaign on Monday, April 17.

#NoMasBloqueo and let the current president know, too, @POTUS

Find an IFCO/Pastors for Peace caravan meeting in your area. Show your solidarity. Find information at

Has your City Council or State Legislature passed a resolution telling Congress it is time to end the blockade? Already five City Councils took this step. What about yours?

And tell the world what you have done to end the blockade.

Remember the tuitazo on the 17th of EVERY month until the U.S. Congress ends the blockade and restores the right of people to freely travel to Cuba from the U.S. (Yes, although many of our neighbors have traveled to Cuba, it is still explicitly illegal by U.S. law to vacation in Cuba.)

Along with solidarity committees and groups from around the world, we join the actions calling for a TUITAZO on Monday April 17 calling for the end of the criminal blockade against Cuba that continues intact.

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Peru: Cuban Doctors Take Care of Over 2,500 Patients

April 7, 2017

A Cuban medical brigade has taken care of a total of 2,570 patients, mostly children and adolescents, in four days of work in the northern Peruvian city of Piura and in the shelters of victims of the floods that hit this region.

The head of the brigade of 23 doctors and other professionals, Rolando Piloto, said that the figure was reached yesterday and noted that 33 percent of the patients are children and 1,450, more than half, under the age of 18.

The work of Cuban doctors is carried out primarily in the shelters where thousands of refugees who have lost their homes are now staying in tents due to the flooding. Long lines have formed to receive the medical services.

Piloto said that yesterday the first child was born in a delivery unit under the care of the gynecologist-obstetrician of the brigade, Mercy Boris. The delivery had complications but had a happy ending with the mother and baby who are now in good condition in the Cesamica Maternity Hospital, in the city.

He also highlighted the actions of epidemiological surveillance carried out by the brigade, which has a profile in that specialty, and noted that tests were carried out initially among patients to detect cases of diseases, such as dengue, zika, and chikungunya, because accumulated waters and heat increase their likelihood.

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