Judiciary Action against Amnesty Law in Venezuela Demanded

February 11, 2016

“The proposed amnesty law must be stopped by the Venezuelan Supreme Court if the Parliament continues to try to push it through.” said Desiree Cabera, coordinator of the Committee of Victims of the Guarimba. The committee was formed to demand justice for the hundreds of people killed and wounded across the Venezuela during anti Chavista incited riots in 2014.

This law is aimed at stopping the legal process being carried against those responsible for masterminding and providing arms in the attacks that was aimed at undermining the democratically elected presidency of Nicolas Maduro.

Cabrera also pointed out that the Parliament wants to directly eliminate any responsibility for the violence from former mayors Antonio Ledezma (Caracas) and Daniel Ceballos (San Cristobal), who had openly called for insurrection. And also the Parliament wants to free Leopoldo Lopez, the leader of Voluntad Popular, who is serving prison time for crimes of public incitement, damage to public property, arson and conspiracy.

These actions left 43 people dead, over 800 injured and property damage in the amount of 10 billion dollars. This included the burning of health centers, universities, schools, public transportation vehicles and food distribution points.

Yesenia Fuentes, another member of the committee said that such pardons would make the Constitution bleed because serious violations of human rights are not entitled to a pardon.

Despite these claims, the Parliament is continuing to work on the controversial law, although the rejection by the Bolivarian court is already a fore gone conclusion.


Source: Prensa Latina