In Support of the Bolivarian Revolution

Statement and Appeal from the International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity

The people of Venezuela and its Bolivarian Revolution are in combat against the intense dirty war carried out by the opposition in that country, orchestrated by the regional right, old European right-wingers, and the United States.

The current situation represents a new escalation against the Bolivarian process of Venezuela, promoted by the right allied to the transnational oligarchy. They are preparing a new provocation and interference plans essentially aimed to destroy and eliminate the revolution and therefore the integration and unity of Latin American.

The old wishes of the United States to dominate us and to make the region its backyard, are reflected in the constant media war, the embarrassing espionage to PDVSA and the increase of advice to the subversion.

The Parliamentary elections in Venezuela on December 6 will decide the future of the Revolution and at the same time the rest of the progressive countries of Latin America.

Confronting the attempts by regional right and imperialism to undermine Latin American integrity and conquests achieved by the progressive Governments in the region, we must achieve greater unity of action of all our forces.

The Bolivarian revolution is not alone. It attained the respect and affection of all our peoples under the leadership of the ever-present Commander Hugo Chavez, which President Nicolas Maduro today gives continuity in very difficult conditions.

This is the time to join forces and stop the claws of the Empire that wants to devour Bolivarian Venezuela and devour us all.

To avoid “the low-intensity war” is a task that is incumbent upon us all. Ensuring the continuity of the Bolivarian process is of vital importance to the sovereignty of the region, maintain regional integration and curb the hegemonic and subversive campaign that the United States has established for Latin America.

The escalation of the right in the region is expressed in the claims of the ultra-right Macri, who won by a narrow margin, and will assume the presidency of Argentina on December 10. He publicly promised to demand the withdrawal of Venezuela from the Mercosur.

It is expressed in the campaign against Dilma and Lula in Brazil, against Correa in Ecuador, in the disqualification of everything that smacks of progressiveness in the region, in the United States meddling actions and the media spin on an international scale that appears to maintain normal relations with Cuba as it continues to pursue the criminal Cuban Adjustment Act, persists in the genocidal blockade longest history, and illegally occupies the territory of the Guantanamo Naval Base.

Imperialism tries to break us, and wish that we lower the level of mobilization, divide our forces and organizations and make demands that divert our attention. The old interventionist manual is in progress with new tactics to undermine us.

Once again we alert all of the world’s honest men and women about the seriousness of the situation which presents itself today in Latin America.

That is why the International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity calls urgently to the progressive parties and left, to organized labor, social movements, political actors, progressive churches, popular and human rights organizations, alternative media and the youth, to be part of a great Regional Movement in support the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela.

As stated at the Summit of the CELAC held in Havana in 2014 “America Latina is a Zone of Peace”.

That no one break our unity, because of that unity depends the future of our peoples.

Guantánamo, November 23, 2015