Hasta la Victoria Siempre Father Miguel!

Yesterday, June 8, Father Miguel D’escoto Brockmann, who served as the Foreign Minister of Nicaragua for a decade and a staunch participant of the Sandinista Revolution died in Managua. He was a unwavering defender of the Cuban Revolution, the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela, ALBA, CELAC and he always raised his voice for the humble people of the Americas.

We will never forget his help and support in the struggle for the release of the Cuban Five during their long and unjust years of captivity. He was especially helpful when he served as President of the United Nation General Assembly during the 63rd session.

He made great efforts to change the United Nations, of which he once said, “I am among those who are convinced that today more than ever the world is in need of a real United Nations that unites all the people and governments of the world in the defense of the right to life and of all other inalienable rights of human beings, individually and humanity as a whole, of all living beings, of nature in general and of Mother Earth. What now serves as a United Nations is a fraud, it is a farce, and it is a lie because there are those who are striving to ruin it”.

For his contribution towards peace, justice and human dignity, Miguel D’escoto was awarded the highest distinctions in Nicaragua, Cuba and other countries.

Father Miguel, as he was humbly called by militants and companeros from all over the world, embraced and practiced liberation theology with the same love and fervor that he had for Sandino’s homeland and for socialism. In February 1984, Pope Juan Paul II suspended the official priesthood of several important priests, including Father Miguel. Thirty years later Pope Francisco repealed this punishment. When he was able to return to officiate mass on August 4, 2014 he said on the happy occasion in Managua,”Dear people of Nicaragua, my priesthood is yours”.

On November 26, 2016, the day Fidel died, Father Miguel said, “Fidel is a gift from God to help us to wake up. I always called him the greatest prophet of our great homeland of Latin America and the Caribbean; that is and always will be Fidel.

In the book of condolences at the Embassy of Cuba in Managua on December 3 he wrote: “Fidel was the greatest figure of Latin-American and the Caribbean of all time. Fidel will be resurrected in the struggle to build a better world. Fidel is not gone. Fidel will always be with us”.

In these difficult times for our Americas Miguel D’Escoto will be missed. We know that his example will always shine in the hearts of our people, the ones who are suffering and those who are struggling for a more just and loving world.

Hasta la Victoria Siempre Dear Father Miguel!

International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity