Friday March 17, TUITAZO for the end of Blockade against Cuba


On April 2015, during the Summit of the Peoples of Panama and in 2016 in various regional meetings of solidarity with the Cuban revolution, an agreement was made for visible actions to take place to show our forceful rejection of the criminal blockade.

Based on the results of actions carried out for more than a decade on the 5th of each month calling for the freedom of the Cuban 5, it was decided to do the same thing on the 17th of each month in commemoration of December 17, 2014, the day of the historic announcement when Cuba and United States agreed to restart diplomatic relations and also the day of the historic return of Gerardo, Ramón and Antonio to their homeland after 16 years of wrongful imprisonment.

Along with the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) and solidarity committees and groups from around the world, we join these actions calling for a TUITAZO on Friday March 17 that can be heard loud and clear at the White House, calling for the end of the criminal blockade against Cuba that continues intact.


We propose the following hashtag for the Tuitazo:

We suggest to include the tweeters of Trump @POTUS


Third Days of Action Against the Blockade In Washington DC,
September 11-16, 2017

The International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity along with other organizations in solidarity with Cuba in the United States, is starting to plan the Third Days of Action Against the Blockade from the 11 to the 16 of September, 2017.

The central focus of these activities will be the effects of the blockade on the health of all the Cuban people.

Activities will include:

1. Visits to Capitol Hill directed to Congresspersons and Senators whose cities, towns or States with high percentages of people affected with diabetes, cancer, etc.

2. Events in Medical Schools with students and professors.

3. Meetings with health professionals in U.S. hospitals and health institutions.

4. Closing cultural event of solidarity with Cuba.

We are making a call to committees of solidarity with Cuba around the world to join this new Days of Action against the blockade in September by organizing activities in their countries and cities for a common and united call to end the US blockade against Cuba.

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