Third Days of Action Against the Blockade In Washington DC,
September 11-16, 2017



Cuba may be a country with few financial resources compared to the United States, but all of Cuba’s citizens are entitled to free universal health care as their human right. Can we say the same?

Even more important, Cubans boast measurable healthcare outcomes that are as good as — and often better than — ours. Why is that so?

What can we, as Americans, learn from the Cuban health care model?

We are grassroots organizers who will be in Washington in September to talk about the current American healthcare crisis in the context of what the Cuban experience can teach us.

We will be bringing Cuban healthcare professionals to Washington to share their experiences with their American counterparts, as well as with U.S. healthcare advocates.

We will be bringing U.S. graduates from the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) — a unique Cuban medical school that trains students from around the world to become doctors and return to work in underserviced communities in their own countries — to talk about what they’ve learned.

We will be taking information about Cuban successes in dealing with diseases like diabetes and cancer to legislators and policymakers on Capitol Hill. We will also be staging public events during the Days of Action to show U.S. audiences

there really is a better, more affordable, more just way to provide health care for all.

Medical schools, healthcare advocates and others have responded enthusiastically to the healthcare focus of our upcoming Days of Action Against the Blockade in Washington (September 11-16). A number of labor and health care organizations have endorsed all events in DC

But it is an expensive undertaking. We need your help to cover the costs of bringing the Cuban medical personnel and American graduates of ELAM to Washington to share their expertise and their experiences. Please DONATE today.

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