Days of Action Against the Blockade of Cuba are Just Around the Corner

Two important films; one showing the emphasis Cuba has placed on education since the Revolution and the other that demonstrates the neglect of education in Puerto Rico.


Other events include a presentation on Monday September 24 at a High School in the Washington DC area


Organizing activities against the blockade in Washington DC and inviting people to speak isn’t just time-consuming and difficult, it is also expensive. We need your help to cover the costs associated with this project that aims to show why U.S. policy must be changed. Please donate whatever you can.

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We have gathered a diverse list of speakers from Cuba, Puerto Rico and the United States to speak at different activities during the Days of Action Against the Blockade.

Norma Guillard: was just 15 when she joined the 1961 Cuba Literacy Campaign. Now a social psychologist in Santiago de Cuba, she was one of the first Cuban women of her generation to call herself a feminist. She primarily works on the issues of gender, race, sexual orientation and issues of diversity and identity in a Cuban and Caribbean context. As a Cuban of African descent, Guillard has also contributed to the lively debates on race and racism in Cuba. She is an adjunct professor at the University of Havana teaching psychology and gender, and a leader of the Cuban Association of Psychologists.

Catherine Murphy: is a San Francisco-based filmmaker who has spent much of the last 10 years working in Latin America. She is founder & director of The Literacy Project, a multi-media documentary project on adult literacy in the Americas. As an independent producer, Murphy’s work has largely focused on social documentaries. She has field-produced films like Saul Landau’s Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up?, Eugene Corr’s From Ghost Town to Havana, served on the production crew of Gay Cuba; and subtitled Stealing America by Dorothy Fadiman, Jaime Kibben’s The Greening of Cuba, and Out andRefusenicks by Sonja de Vries.

Jenifer Wager: is a film director and cinematographer living and work in Newark, NJ. Her previous films include Dare to Dream and Venezuela Rising. She is Assistant Professor of New Media Technology at Essex County College.

Jinnette Morales Diaz: is the mother of a Puerto Rican girl with Down Syndrome. An activist for the rights of the functional diversity population in Puerto Rico, she works as a family advocate for children in the Special Education Program in Puerto Rico. She is also the producer of Somos Parte, a radio program aimed at promoting the rights of people with functional diversity.

Poonam Srivastava: is a writer, healer and film producer living and working in the New York City are. She is a producer of the film, Dare to Dream: Cuba’s Latin American Film Festival.

Dr. Elizabeth Arnold and Dr. Eduardo Alvarado U.S. Graduates from the Latin America School of Medicine (ELAM) in Cuba


Friends of Cuba from across the United States will join the grassroots advocacy activities and visit members of Congress and the Senate to address the impact of the US blockade on the Cuban people.


Days of Action Against the Blockade is organized by the International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity and the Institute for Policy Studies

And endorsed by: the National Network on Cuba, the National Boricua Human Rights Network, IFCO/Pastors for Peace, Popular Resistance, Alliance for Global Justice, Code Pink, Foro de Sao Paulo Area Metropolitana de Washington DC, Baba Zayid, PACA, Un Mundo Mejor es Posible Foundation (an organization that coordinates the Literacy Program “Yo Si Puedo”, a teaching method for adult literacy which was developed by Cuban educator Dr. Leonela Relys Diaz)