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The Peoples are Present in Lima

By Sergio Alejandro Gómez on April 11, 2018

With broad participation from youth, trade unions, indigenous peoples, social groups, and progressive political parties from across Latin America and the Caribbean, the Alternative Summit of the Peoples opened in Lima, Peru, yesterday, April 10.

The event was officially inaugurated in the capital city’s Derrama Magisterial auditorium and will continue through the 14th, with an extensive agenda of workshops on the region’s principal problems.

Gerónimo López, secretary general of the Peruvian General Federation of Workers, one of the Summit’s organizers, assured the Cuban press that U.S. President Trump’s decision to cancel his trip to Peru will not stop the planned anti-imperialist mobilizations.

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Cuban Civil Society Supports the Country’s Political System

By Sergio Alejandro Gómez on April 10, 2018

Civil society is a counterbalance to the government. At least this is the idea hegemonic powers try to impose.

However, the root of the contradiction between organizations created freely and spontaneously by citizens and the political system meant to represent them, is hardly ever addressed.

An obvious tension between these two spheres arises in the political models designed to protect the interests of the few and maintain the privileges of the ruling class.

So, what happens when a system is created by the majority for the majority? Must there necessarily exist irreconcilable differences between the system and its civil organizations?

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Statement of the Cuban delegates to the Parallel Forums of the VIII Summit of the Americas

April 9, 2018

The Cuban delegates to the parallel forums of the VIII Summit of the Americas, faithful followers of Jose Marti, representing the organizations of civil society and the people of Cuba, went to this Plaza in Lima Peru to pay tribute to the Heroes and those who preceded us in the Fatherland. Peru was the first country in the Americas that the Republic of Cuba in Arms, when the struggle for our independence had just begun.

We did so with deep gratitude towards the Peruvian people, for the contribution of their history and traditions to the formation of the Latin American identity, and for their share of blood, their firmness and principles that several of their children contributed to our independence and in defense of our sovereignty and self-determination.

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We Stand with Lula da Silva

“I never thought that putting a plate of food on a poor man’s table would generate so much hatred from an elite that throw food away every day.” Lula

With stunned disbelief the world is observing the judicial, media and legislative lynching against Lula, the former president of Brazil and historical leader of the Workers’ Party.

The decision of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) by a vote of 6-5, to not accept the appeal of Habeas Corpus presented by the Lula’s defense team, after a marathon trial of almost 10 hours, revived the nefarious day in which the usurper Temer overthrew the Dilma presidency.

Once again the Globo news chain played a key role in the dictates of Washington by reproducing the threats of a coup by sectors of the Armed Forces of Brazil.

The unfounded accusation against Lula about his alleged ownership of a property given to him by a construction company as a governmental favor constitutes a plot of the worst kind. Something like this can only happen when the obscenity of the right, the judicial, the media and the legal apparatus became the executing arm of the oligarchy and imperialism to punish the people, their popular organizations and their main leaders.

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Make Simón Trinidad Feel Our Solidarity

By the International Campaign for the Release of Simon Trinidad on March 21, 2018

On January 29, 2018, our campaign invited friends in solidarity from around the world to send letters to Colombian political prisoner Simón Trinidad, who is currently serving an unjust sentence in a maximum-security penitentiary in the United States for crimes he did not commit.

Simón Trinidad went to trial four times in Washington, D.C., for drug trafficking and hostage taking. The jury hung for the drug trafficking case (i.e. they were unable to reach a unanimous verdict) with most of the jurors in favor of acquittal.  The US Attorney dismissed this case.

In Simón Trinidad’s first hostage taking trial the jury also hung, and the US decided to retry him.  In his second hostage taking trial the jury indicated they were deadlocked, but the judge ordered them to continue deliberations. The jury eventually convicted him on one of the six charges: conspiracy to hold hostages.

There was no evidence to demonstrate that Simón Trinidad played a role in or was responsible for the capture of the three US military contractors involved in this case.

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