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No Support for Dictatorship! Support the Honduran People!

Honduran Solidarity Network Statement on Honduras Elections

December 8, 2017

The Honduras Solidarity Network (HSN) of North America condemns in the strongest possible manner the violence and repression against the Honduran people defending their vote and human rights against fraud and dictatorship. A human rights observer delegation of members of the Honduras Solidarity Network (La Voz de los de Abajo Chicago, CODEPINK, and Marin County Task Force on the Americas) have just returned from Honduras where they were with the Honduran people before, during and after the November 26th elections.

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Twitterstorm! Monday December 18 We Demand: End the Genocidal U.S. Blockade Against Cuba

December 17 will mark three years since Obama and President Raúl Castro made steps towards a new stage of relations between both countries. Also, that day, Gerardo, Ramón and Antonio returned to their Homeland, a victory won by the Cuban people and many friends from around the world, after fighting for almost 17 years.

Unfortunately, the new occupant of the White House decided to go backward ignoring the sentiment of the majority of people in the United States that want to have normal relations with the island nation. He also ignores the community of nations that on November 1st voted overwhelmingly for the end of the blockade, with the predictable exception of the United States and Israel.

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Protests World Wide Condemn Trump’s Recognition of Jerusalem as Capital of Zionist Israel

By North American Bureau of Resumen Latinoamericano on December 10, 2017

Protest in SF in support of Palestine. Photo: Bill Hackwell

When President Trump signed his executive order recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel he was not just making a dramatic provocation to the Arab world he was also reflecting the sentiment of all of Congress as well as the leaders of Wall Street. The dismissal of the fact that Jerusalem is the historic capital of Palestine,

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“Isn’t it Getting Better?

By Amanda Blum on December 8, 2017

Photo: Carlos Garcia Rawlins

Amanda  Bloom, is a physician assistant and registered nurse who just returned from her second working trip to Puerto Rico to help give medical assistance. Here she gives a vivid firsthand account of the obstacles the people of Puerto Rico are facing in their recovery after almost 3 months of government neglect since Hurricane Maria hit the island.

“Isn’t it getting better?” people ask on my return from a second trip to Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria. Well, yes I guess in some ways.

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Statement for Palestine

Photo: Bill Hackwell

Once again the United States has violated the mandate of the UN, the multiple resolutions issued for more than six decades, the right of the heroic Palestinian people and International Law, by designating the city of Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist state of Israel and move the headquarters of the US embassy to that city.

This unilateral, arbitrary and colonial declaration will raise the tensions in the Middle East to an unprecedented degree and in fact represents a brutal provocation.

The International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity strongly rejects the decision adopted by the Trump administration that violates the right of the Palestinian people to their sacred land with East Jerusalem as its capital.

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