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NOT HIM: Stand against Fascism in Brazil and the Recolonization of Latin America

October 12, 2018

From our International Solidarity we call on all the democratic and progressive forces, the honest men and women of Brazil and Latin America to support in a unitary and forceful way the candidacy of Fernando Haddad-ManuelaD’Avila in the rapidly approaching presidential election on October 28.

The strategy being implemented by the Brazilian oligarchy was designed by the U.S. government to criminalize and destroy the Workers Party (PT). Through the media, a judicial and parliamentary coup was carried out in September 2016 stripping Dilma Rousseff of power,

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Days of Action Against the Blockade Ends in Washington DC

September 27, 2018

Howard UniversityThe last events of the Days of Action Against the Blockade took place on September 27 in the DC area. One at the University of Maryland, College Park Nyumburu Cultural Center and the other at Howard University, Ralph J Bunche International Affairs Center. At both events Norma Guillard, Dr. Elizabeth Arnold and Dr Eduardo Alvarado spoke. Miguel Fraga, First Secretary of the Cuban Embassy accompanied both events.

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Films Depict Two Wings of the Same Bird

panelA full house in one of the theaters of the Landmark multiplex cinema in downtown Washington DC came eager to watch the two films Maestra, story of the Cuba’s 1961 literacy campaign, and the U.S. premiere of Lucha Si about the struggle for public education in Puerto Rico.

After the movies ended, a lively discussion took place with the directors of both documentaries, two doctors from the Latin America School of Medicine in Cuba and a special Cuban guest Norma Guillard. The two films meshed perfectly as they show two side of education: one an example of failure and the other one of success. “Puerto Rico and Cuba are two wings of the same bird,” said Norma Guillard, “but one wing is flying high and the other one is broken.”

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Solidarity with Cuba in the Halls of Congress

Karen Bass and Mandela portraitMeetings with congressional members to discuss the path towards normalization with Cuba and the end of the blockade took place in all three congressional offices buildings today. All the meetings took place with members of congress or with their foreign policy aides.

A particular highlight was the meeting that was held with Congresswoman Karen Bass who had just returned from a meeting with Cuban President Miguel Diaz Canel in New York City.

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High School Public Event Begins the Days of Action

Group High School

The first public event of the Days of Action was held at Ron Brown College Preparatory High School that featured the documentary “Maestra”; about Cuba’s 1961 Literacy Campaign.

The filmmaker Catherine Murphy was present to lead a discussion with parents and students. Also there was Norma Guillard who was a participant in the literacy campaign at the age of 14. After the discussion Netfa Freeman, a member of the International Committee introduced two US doctors who graduated from the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM), Dr Elizabeth Arnold and Dr. Eduardo Alvarado. During the discussion, several parents reflected their frustration with the difficulties and lack of support that they are receiving in raising their children under the U.S. educational system.

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