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Cuba Awards Oscar

Havana, November 14, 2017

By Annalie Rueda

Photo: Yaimi Ravelo

Oscar López Rivera, Puerto Rican leader and symbol of independence has received the Order of Solidarity at the Jose Marti Memorial in Havana, Cuba. The Order is the highest distinction that the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba awards.

Fernando González Llort, Hero of the Republic of Cuba and President of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples – ICAP, who shared the same cell with Oscar for several years of his unjust imprisonment, explained at the ceremony the significance of the honor to such a deserving recipient who emanates simplicity and humility.

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A proud and committed Cuban doctor

By Nuria Barbosa León on November 15, 2017

For Dr. Eduardo Ojeda Timoneda serving as a member of Cuba’s international medical missions is a learning experience and an honor. Photo: Nuria Barbosa

At the end of his mission, Eduardo received a letter that read: “You made a difference…You did not just bring us health, but life. You can return to your homeland with your head held high like a good revolutionary soldier

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Oscar Lopez Rivera receives Cuban Solidarity Order

November 14, 2017

Puerto Rican independence leader Oscar Lopez Rivera received on Tuesday in Havana the Solidarity Order conferred by the Council of State for his courage and resistance for almost 36 years in a US prison.

Vice President of the Council of State and First Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party in Havana, Mercedes Lopez Acea placed the medal on the Puerto Rican leader during a ceremony held at the Jose Marti Memorial in Revolution Square.

Lopez Rivera, who is visiting the island for the first time, expressed gratitude to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, President Raul Castro and the Cuban people, and said that he can see the development of its human resources and capacity of solidarity.

Oscar said he is confident that Cuba’s example will continue and added that today the world has governments that promote wars and loot the most vulnerable.

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International scientists reject alleged acoustic attacks in Havana

November 14,  2017

The La Ciencia y los Ataques Acusticos (Science and the Acoustic Attacks) websites belonging to the Cuban Network of Science, published several opinions of international scientists and experts refuting the alleged aggressions against US embassy personnel in Havana.

Among them Neurologist Seth Horowitz in Business Insider, specialist in Neurosciences affirmed that: “there is no acoustic phenomenon in the world that can cause the symptoms that have been described”.

He explained that: “no known equipment that can be inaudible or undetectable can have the properties attributed to sonic weapons”.

“As long as there is no other evidence related to these weapons, this incident should be considered not of interest and other possible explanations must be taken into consideration for these medical problems”.

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