This is the time to end once and for all the U.S. unilateral blockade against Cuba

Puerto Rico: Disaster Capitalism Strikes Again

By Judith Mirkinson on July 3, 2018

Puerto Rican communities left to rebuild on their own

Disaster capitalism? Shock Doctrine? Whatever you want to call it, these terms are used to describe what has happened to countries hit hard by natural disasters. For Haiti, it was the 2010 earthquake. For Puerto Rico, it’s the recent 2017 mega-hurricane Maria. It’s just the latest for countries colonized and neo-colonized for decades.

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It is Capitalism!

By Gilberto Lopez y Rivas on July 6, 2018

Photo: Bill Hackwell

Undoubtedly there is a historical moment in contemporary Mexico going on, because for the first time in many decades the popular will expressed in the ballot box was respected; State fraud was not imposed, nor the fall of the system, nor the cynical “whatever happened” of Felipe Calderón. This is a transcendent conquest of the Mexican people that, without diminishing or underestimating it, need to be analyzed from the view of critical thinking and the struggle of the native peoples in defense of their territories, mother earth and life.

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Nicaragua: Terrorism as an Art of Demonstrating

By Alex Anfruns on July 1, 2018

As part of the destabilizing actions against the legitimate government of Nicaragua, the US authorities ordered the departure of their non-essential personnel in the country on Friday and recommended that citizens refrain from traveling to the Central American nation. This according to a statement published on the website of the diplomatic headquarters in Managua. The new measure is intended to encourage the violent sectors that are behind the wave of violence in the country. According to the Nicaraguan government this is a clear political message. Editorial

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“They Want me Dead”: Rafael Correa Defies Arrest Order

July 4, 2018

Former President of Ecuador Rafael Correa has defied an arrest order, claiming the new government is waging “lawfare” to deprive him of a political future – and even life, in an exclusive RT interview.

Judge Daniella Camacho ordered the arrest of three-term President Rafael Correa on Tuesday over his alleged involvement in the 2012 abduction of a political opponent and requested that Interpol apprehend him for extradition. Correa, who now lives in Belgium, called the allegations “tremendously ridiculous” and dismissed Ecuador’s pressure on him in an interview with RT.

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