This is the time to end once and for all the U.S. unilateral blockade against Cuba

How Cynical can they be, Giving Lessons on Democracy to Venezuela?

By Graciela Ramirez on April 16, 2017

Photo: Bill Hackwell

When Commander Hugo Chávez was elected President of Venezuela in 1999 he said there will be no more illiteracy, children will not die from curable diseases, the elderly will have their senior years guaranteed, there will be no more mothers who die during childbirth or from miserable poverty, there will be shelter, land and work for all, young people will study and will graduate in new schools and universities, sports, music, literature, and all expressions of art and culture will become the heritage of the people.

And women, the indigenous, mestizos and black people who were always forgotten and humiliated, will have their rights and their place along with everybody else in the Bolivarian Revolution. And Chavez said more; there will be participatory democracy, a constituent assembly, the Constitution will be sacred and never again will the country’s natural resources be given away.

The data backs up Chavez’s promises, the proof is there no matter how much effort the Empire, the oligarchy and the media puts into trying to undermine these facts and figures. There it is, the work of Chavez that Maduro continues: illiteracy and infant mortality has been reduced by 50%.

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Monday April 17: Tuitazo for the End of the Blockade Against Cuba


Pollsters report again and again that the majority of people in the U.S. oppose the U.S. economic, financial and commercial blockade of Cuba. Let’s show it! Join the twitter campaign on Monday, April 17.

#NoMasBloqueo and let the current president know, too, @POTUS

Find an IFCO/Pastors for Peace caravan meeting in your area. Show your solidarity. Find information at

Has your City Council or State Legislature passed a resolution telling Congress it is time to end the blockade? Already five City Councils took this step. What about yours?

And tell the world what you have done to end the blockade.

Remember the tuitazo on the 17th of EVERY month until the U.S. Congress ends the blockade and restores the right of people to freely travel to Cuba from the U.S. (Yes, although many of our neighbors have traveled to Cuba, it is still explicitly illegal by U.S. law to vacation in Cuba.)

Along with solidarity committees and groups from around the world, we join the actions calling for a TUITAZO on Monday April 17 calling for the end of the criminal blockade against Cuba that continues intact.

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Peru: Cuban Doctors Take Care of Over 2,500 Patients

April 7, 2017

A Cuban medical brigade has taken care of a total of 2,570 patients, mostly children and adolescents, in four days of work in the northern Peruvian city of Piura and in the shelters of victims of the floods that hit this region.

The head of the brigade of 23 doctors and other professionals, Rolando Piloto, said that the figure was reached yesterday and noted that 33 percent of the patients are children and 1,450, more than half, under the age of 18.

The work of Cuban doctors is carried out primarily in the shelters where thousands of refugees who have lost their homes are now staying in tents due to the flooding. Long lines have formed to receive the medical services.

Piloto said that yesterday the first child was born in a delivery unit under the care of the gynecologist-obstetrician of the brigade, Mercy Boris. The delivery had complications but had a happy ending with the mother and baby who are now in good condition in the Cesamica Maternity Hospital, in the city.

He also highlighted the actions of epidemiological surveillance carried out by the brigade, which has a profile in that specialty, and noted that tests were carried out initially among patients to detect cases of diseases, such as dengue, zika, and chikungunya, because accumulated waters and heat increase their likelihood.

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No to the Aggression against Syria

On Thursday April 6, the United States launched scores of Tomahawk cruise missiles into the Shayrat air base in Syria. In the process the “precision” missiles that missed the base killed 9 civilians in nearby villages. This unprovoked attack is a dramatic and dangerous escalation of the war in Syria and an assault on the sovereignty of the Syrian people.

Donald Trump has justified the order by claiming “vital reasons of national security”. After the attack he made a call to all “civilized Western Nations” to join the U.S. to “end the killing and bloodshed in Syria”. This coming from the same president that just last week was bombarding Mosul killing hundreds of civilians in a single attack and who on March 21 bombed a school in the Syrian village of al Mansoura killing 33 men, women and children who were seeking shelter there.

It should also be remembered that for the last 6 years Syria has been under attack by scores of terrorist groups that are supported and financed by the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia and various Western nations, with the objective of regime change and taking away Syria’s independence and splitting it into pieces.

The attack yesterday comes just two days after the Syrian Government categorically rejected the use of chemical weapons in Idleb. The lack of proof and the imperial manipulation of those facts by the Trump administration and the demonization of the Syrian Government

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Venezuelan Opposition Seeks to Break Rule of Law to Consummate Coup d’etat

The Venezuelan right activated a new phase of its coup plot against the constitutional government of President Nicolas Maduro, with the beginning of a campaign –with international support– aimed at justifying disobedience of the legal system and the public powers.

One of the pillars of this new attack is the lack of understanding of the Supreme Court of Justice’s powers, which this week issued two rulings defining the limits of parliamentary immunity and the conditions of the exercise of the legislative function while the National Assembly (AN) is in contempt of court.

Such decisions, in compliance with the powers enforced by the Constitution, are presented with high media volume in the world as an alleged coup against Parliament, whose acts are void for breaching judicial decisions.

The report of the supposed “breakdown of constitutional order” promoted by parliamentarians of the opposition coalition MUD is replicated by private, national and international media, and is aligned with the statement of the Attorney General, Luisa Ortega Diaz, and this Friday’s announcement by Parliament’s head Julio Borges, who appealed to the Prosecutor’s office against Court of Justice’s judgment.

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Ecuador’s Lenin Moreno Defeats Banker in Presidential Election

Progressive candidate and renowned disability activist from the ruling Alianza Pais party, Lenin Moreno, won the Ecuadorean presidential election Sunday.

With 99 percent of the official vote counted, Lenin defeated former banker Guillermo Lasso, candidate for the right-wing CREO-SUMO alliance, with 51.16 percent to 48.84 percent, according to results issued by the country’s National Electoral Council on Monday morning.

In what many had already predicted, right-wing vice presidential candidate Andres Paez has called for a recount, even though the CNE said it was a transparent and successful election process, calling for everyone to respect the results.

Moreno is set to continue and expand social programs introduced under outgoing President Rafael Correa, for whom Lenin served as vice president from 2007 to 2013, before working as the U.N. special envoy for Disability and Accessibility.

Moreno who has been wheelchair bound after being shot and paralyzed in 1998, is well known for his advocacy work for people with disabilities and supporting public education. Jorge Glass, who also served in the Correa administration will now serve as vice president. The new administration will be officially inaugurated on May 24.

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